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How do I choose the right name for my child?

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Are you looking for an original name for your child? Or would you like to find out what your name means, how common it is, and what else there is to know about it? Then be inspired and browse through our directory of over 100,000 first names, full of information on their meaning, popularity and many other interesting stories.

All the names on our site are included in the SmartGenius first name statistics, which means that they have been officially recorded as first names in the US.

What are the most popular names for girls and boys? It may seem like a simple question, but it’s actually difficult to answer, as the popularity of first names is constantly evolving and varies greatly from region to region. Also, there isn’t just ONE official statistic in the US that tells you the distribution of a name. Instead, there are numerous individual statistics for all of the US as well as for individual states. Each of these reveal just a glimpse of the frequency of a name. We’ve done the work for you and have compiled all this data from many sources and have created our own SmartGenius statistics for first names. This is probably the most comprehensive first name database in the United States, which you can easily browse to discover popular, rare, quirky and unusual first names for boys and girls.

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Many first names have a profound meaning derived from their linguistic origin and history. For example, the name Benjamin is originally Hebrew and means the “son of fortune” or “child of fortune”. However, Benjamin is often also interpreted to mean “the youngest”, since Benjamin was the last of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Old Testament. Similarly, many first names can be interpreted through their etymology, so not just one interpretation is right, but several interpretations are possible. Hence, there are names that suit someone who is clever, or names that signify love, or promise happiness.

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names full of love |mom and daughter

Love-themed first names

Love is everywhere and seems so powerful that it is hardly surprising that numerous deities are dedicated to it. But not only these names carry love...

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The naming law in the US

In the United States, parents have a great deal of freedom in assigning first names, limited only by a few laws. This allows a large amount of leeway, which has led to a variety of names and name trends.

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Finding the right name

A big decision lies ahead of you! Finding the right name for your child is not easy, because your child will have to deal with this name for a lifetime. Here we give you helpful tips.

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