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Badass names for boys

Robin Hood, Butch Cassidy or Han Solo − everyone loves a rebel. The main thing is not to break rules, but to live confidently and according to one's own values. This is a nice thought to pass on to your children. A cool, strong name is a must − in short: a badass name.

Being badass means much more than being masculine and strong. Badasses are unique and have a strong will, which they can also assert. They stand up for a cause or someone with all their heart – this can also happen out of compassion. Badasses can also be emotional and need to be creative. Because in order to bend the rules, you have to come up with a lot and be several steps ahead of others. Cunning and strength combined make the most admirable people.

Choosing the right name is crucial to making an impression and giving your son a message for life: find your own way and stick to it. And in the best case, you can also be a role model and help other people find their way. Like Robin Hood or Han Solo. So Badasses are anything but selfish − just sometimes egocentric, which is not easy to distinguish at first glance.

In many cultures, there are names that have a strong meaning, often resonating with hope for a better future or a comfortable life to live. Therefore, badass names are universally understandable and imposing. Sometimes they are also enigmatic and mystical. Many of these names have traditional origins, based on names that are several hundred or even several thousand years old. They refer to powerful animals or are associated with war − in past cultures, strength in battle was essential for one’s own life of peace, freedom and tranquility. Feel free to check out our list of the best badass names and you’re sure to find the right choice for your boy!