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Love-themed first names

Love is all around us, and love is so powerful that it’s no surprise that so many gods are dedicated to it. Take for example Aphrodite and Eros from Greek mythology, Venus and Cupid from Roman mythology, or Freya from Norse mythology. And it's not only the gods whose names are full of love.

names full of love |mom and daughter

There isn’t another subject in the world that has had as many songs, stories and poems written for it as love. From romantic love between two lovers, to platonic love between friends, or the love parents have for their children – all these forms of love inspire us and shape our lives. Of course, we want to tell our children how much we love them – especially once we’re gone.

So, what could be nicer than using a first name that conveys our love for our child? Parents have used names that convey their love for centuries. Aphrodite or Eros aren’t the only names about love, there are some more that are less obvious. We’ve selected the most beautiful names full of love for boys, girls and every child.

First names that have "love" in them