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Short Names for Girls

Are you looking for a short name for your daughter? Well, you are not the only one. In recent years, the trend is more and more towards nicknames and monosyllabic names. We suggest you some cute and catchy names that are definitely not too long – maybe you will find the perfect one.

Why Choosing a Short Girl's Name?

What do People Associate with Short Names?

Short names consisting of one or at a max of two syllables, are often associated with attributes such as coolness, sportiness, freshness or trendiness. They can sound straightforward, smart, edgy or even artsy. Plus, they’re usually easy to understand, so girls with short names don’t have to spell them out.

It’s hardly surprising that nicknames and short names for girls have become increasingly popular in recent years. Are you looking for some catchy, bold and fashionable names for your daughter? Then maybe we can help you with our suggestions. With a little luck, the perfect one will be there right away.

Names such as Ava oder Leah are not only very catchy but also very popular. But don’t worry, there are numerous short names for girls that are less common but still very smart. Depending on whether you prefer to go with the mainstream or go individualistic: just check out out our top 20 charts!

There are so many catchy short names for girls.