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What are Typical USA Male Names?

Do you want to give your son a real, all-American name? One that wears stars and stripes proudly in front of it? Then you've come to the right place. Check out the list of truly American names.

The Classic American Names

The origin and meaning of names links closely to the culture of the people. Names arise from nouns and adjectives, they refer to the landscape, cities or properties. In the case of the USA, this is as follows: the culture is primarily influenced by England, as the official language also reveals. But in truth, many cultures influence a country that stretches from Hawaii to New York and from Alaska to the border with Mexico. Moreover, the USA is independent for centuries, breaking away from England and developing its own culture. So what is a typical American name?

Of course, classic American names are perennial favorites like John, James, Robert, Michael, William, David, Matthew, George, Christopher, Thomas, and Charles. They have been popular for many generations and numerous famous Americans are name sponsors here. So if you are of the traditional variety, this selection of traditional names is made for you. If that is not your cup of tea, skip the list below and continue reading below. The freedom and inventiveness are also typically American. Turning surnames like Jackson into first names or coming up with completely new names and spellings is extremely popular and completely in the spirit of America.

Modern American Names

Check out the list below for current trendy names that are only available in the US. They do not always have to be of American origin. Evander, for example, is from Greek mythology, but it is actually only found in America since the name was recorded. That, too, is typically USA.