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Classy Names for Boys

With names like Xander, Brooks and Ryder you can only raise your eyebrow critically? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything about the advantages of classy names and a nice selection. They are elegant, rich in tradition and provide the basis for cool nicknames. If you are looking for a classy boy's name we might have the right one for you.

What Is a Classy Name?

Classy names are old and traditional, but have never gone out of fashion. They have been in continuous use for decades, some for centuries, and enjoy high popularity. Charles, William, and Edward are fine examples of classy names that resonate with a certain elegance and make an impression when heard. In addition, these names have the advantage of compelling meanings, such as ‘free man’, ‘resolute protection’, and ‘wealth’, respectively, in these cases.

Classy names have a long history, often older than the USA. So they provide the perfect opportunity to refer to family history. For example, if you have Scottish ancestors, you might choose the name Alasdair, the Scottish form of Alexander. The name stands for ‘defender of mankind’. Or even if you’re a fan of a country like Ireland, the right name for your son is a great way to give him something of you for life. Elegant, traditional names are by no means dusty, but are full of surprises and convince with a beautiful sound.

Why Choose a Classy Name?

The best advantage is that a deliberately chosen, elegant name will please your son at any age. It is appropriate for boys, teenagers and adults. Unconventional new creations do not have this advantage, often they seem ridiculous for grown-up people. This offers tremendous advantages in later professional life and, of course, when your son meets friends − or the love of his life. Because a classy name makes for a perfect first impression.