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100 Pretty Names for Girls

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – that is why it is hard to define the prettiest names for girls. Some parents like traditional names such as Charlotte or Elisabeth while other ones prefer short names like Eve or Ava. But what makes a name sound pretty? We just can try to explain why people consider a name as pretty and want to give you a list of 100 pretty names for girls.

What are Names for Girls with Pretty Meanings?

If you want to give your daughter a pretty name you could fully bet on the meaning of the name rather than on the sound! Bella for example, is a short name for Isabella and it is the Italian word for “the Beauty”. Venus is the Roman goddess for love and beauty, while Jamila comes from the Arabic word jamāl, meaning beauty. Bonnie, however, derives from the Scots language word “bonnie” which means pretty or attractive. Linda, actually, is the Spanish Word for “pretty.”

There are so many names that don’t mean exactly “pretty” but they have another lovely meaning like terms for flowers, colors, animals or anything in the world people consider as beautiful: Violet, Rose, Fleur, Lily, Scarlett, Estelle, Bianca, Luna, Stella, Grace or Amber are examples for pretty names with a pleasant core meaning.

What Makes a Name Sound Pretty?

Maybe it’s easier to find a pretty name by excluding the ones which aren’t perceived as pretty at all. We tried to define a rule on characterisics that make a name sound unattractive. We believe that most of the negative connotations are blinded by prejudice such as the name Karen. In most cases, oldfashioned names don’t go down very well with youn parents such as Ruth or Agnes. On the other hand there are some letters or letter combinations that sound harsh at the beginning of a word and thus not pretty – examples for those initial letter (combinations) are KL, CL, T, P, PL, R, KR. If a name has more than two syllables and contains the combination ST somewhere in its middle it might also sound harsh and unpleasant, like in Christina or Astrid.

The auditory sensation of a name also correlates with the relation between vowel and consonants. PI, KI, TY, or PA sound more likely than PO, RU or PE. Words with less and “simple” syllables sound prettier than words with more, harsh and “complicated” ones (that means consonant clusters such as CHR). Moreover, many people classify names ending in a vowel as cute. But for all that, you must not forget the saying from our intro: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think a name is pretty while others don’t, just go with your gut.

A 100 Pretty Names for Girls

We finish with a list of 100 pretty names for girls, perhaps it will inspire you in your choice – and remember: it’s just our idea of “pretty”.