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Names for boys

When choosing the right name for a son, many parents will focus heavily on the meaning behind the first name. After all, a rose by any other name, as Shakespeare said: names can sometimes be very apt. To put it bluntly: the name says it all, doesn’t it? Naturally, parents will consider, "We want to do something good for our son before he’s born, so we should choose a name with a positive meaning."

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Popular boys’ names

Americans like to stick to what’s tried and true – certainly when it comes to choosing boys’ names. Some first names have been popular for so long, that they’ve ranked in the top 30 most popular boy names in the United States for many years. For example, thousands of parents every year select James, William and Matthew for their sons. Yet, there are also other first names that have been popular for decades. Nevertheless, there is a definite trend for US parents to give their sons more well-known, traditional names. Often, the choice is swayed towards first names of relatives or ancestors – in contrast to girls’ names, where creativity wins. Our list of the most popular boys’ names isn’t based on simple search queries, but on official statistics. You can find all the most popular first names for sons in recent years right here.

Other interesting facts about boys’ names

There are thousands of wonderful boys’ names to pick from – and even more if we take into account doubled names. That’s why it’s even more unfortunate that certain states have laws and legal requirements that restrict parents’ personal choices. For example, some laws my restrict the length of the first name. Of course, sooner or later, you have to pick a name for your child. We’re here by your side to help, not just with our name database, but also with tips and tricks on finding a name.

Two things are especially important when selecting a name: the meaning and the sound. The sound of a name depends on whether it fits with the family name. If you want to test whether your favorite boys’ names sound great, try saying your son’s first and last name out loud several times in a row. You’ll quickly notice which boys’ names sound especially good, and which ones you can get rid of. In our magazine, we’ve put together some more tips to help you find a perfect name.