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Classy Names for Girls

Some parents prefer modern names for their children other prefer classy ones. The advantage of choosing a more elegant name for your daughter is that she probably won't have to struggle against prejudice. In addition, classy names often sound familiar, posh and pleasant. If you are looking for a classy girl's name we might have the right one for you.

What Is a Classy Name?

Classy names are names that are vintage but never have gone out of style. They have consistantly been popular over the decades without sounding outdated. Classy names for girls often have two or more syllables and begin with a vowel such as Elizabeth, Amanda or Anna – as people associate intelligence with longer words. Some of the names might remind you of royal family members: Charlotte or Victoria are suitable examples.

People perceive names as classy and posh when they can relate them to strong and famous personalities who have a pure and honest image attached to them. Just think of Camilla, Diana or Sophie. Sometimes it is sufficient that the names have an obvious venerable meaning to be perceived as classy such as Violet, Scarlett, Verity, Grace or Rose. Biblical names also come across gracefully to many people – Mariah, Rebecca or Deborah, for example.

Why Choosing a Classy Name?

If you choose a classy name for your daughter, it is likely that others will associate her with these desirable associations from the very beginning. For example, it might be beneficial at school if she stands out with her “pretty posh” name among the many short names.