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Unique boy’s names

Every child is unique − and deserves a special name. Parents also give their son a message with the name. Names affect the first impression a person makes, they are powerful. Here are unique names for boys that will make your son stand out.

Are you of the opinion that John and James are rather boring, then you are in the right place. There are numerous unique names that are rare and do not sound made up. Because here, the pitfall is that a name that is too special will quickly sound ridiculous. Giving your son a name is an important process that should be carefully thought through. After all, the name influences a person’s entire life. Its sound and vibe will determine the image others will have of your son when they first meet him.

Fortunately, you are not alone in making this decision. The selection of beautiful, unique names is vast. So even if they are trendy, you can still choose a suitable but not so well-known name. Unless, of course, you want to join the trend − that is purely a matter of taste.

Unique names also often come from other countries and cultures. Here it is a good idea to take a Scandinavian name, for example, if your family has Scandinavian ancestors. They also often have nice, strong meanings like Anders, which stands for ‘lion man’. You do not have to look too far though, you can also find many modern names that were invented specifically and are very elegant like Kason. Just look around the lists here and you are guaranteed to find the right name for your son. Being creative is not difficult at all!

Below are some more unique names you might like: