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Old American names

First names are subject to many trends and their popularity rises and falls over the decades. In recent years, classic names that were popular in the 19th century are back in fashion. They often convey a strong sound, testify to self-confidence and a sense of tradition.

With so many possible names, choosing a classic is by no means uncreative. It shows that parents are confident and value tradition and the glorious past. Old names sound nice and consistent and convey a clear, historical meaning. Modern, made-up names logically often lack this important last aspect. Old American names usually originated in Ireland and Britain and refer to America’s history.

Among the classics are names like John, William, and Charles, as well as Mary, Helen, and Elizabeth. Many English names are derivatives from names of other languages; William, for example, comes from Germanic and means ‘vehement protector’, Helen stands for ‘torch’ or ‘light’ and comes from Greek. So, classic names are a great way to also refer to your own family origins and history.

The most popular old American names

The most popular American names around 1900 were the following. They are classics that everyone knows and appreciates. They are also great to combine with a middle name, which can also be modern or add some refinement to the family history. As said, giving an old name in no way means you are being uncreative.