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The first name 

Charlotte is a first name typically given to girls, but in rare cases also used as a boys name.

Charlotte is a very popular name!

In the US, Charlotte is one of the most popular names ever. In the SmartGenius ranking recently, it has regularly been among the top 10 most common girls names and is currently in place 7. In fact, one out auf 300 girls under the age of 10 is named Charlotte. In the entire USA, approximately 385,876 people – children, adults and seniors – currently bear the name Charlotte. That is 0.12 % of all living Americans.

You won't believe all there is 
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What does the name 
Charlotte mean?

The origin of the first name Charlotte is not yet completely clear. It probably comes from the Old High German word ‘karal’ and means something like ‘the capable one’ or ‘the free one’. It can also be a form of the name Charlot, the diminutive of Charles.

Who is capable? People who perform tasks assigned to them with particular diligence and skill are described as capable. They are considered particularly skilled and reliable.

There are quite a few famous people called Charlotte

Actress and singer

Charlotte Gainsbourg (*1971)
Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg is the daughter of the chansonnier, Serge Gainsbourg, and the actress, Jane Birkin. She starred in films such as 'The Snowman', 'Samba' or the controversial film 'Nymphomaniac'.

An author, actress, presenter and producer

Charlotte Roche (*1978)
Charlotte Elisabeth Grace Roche, a native of the United Kingdom, became known for her hosting on the music TV station 'Viva.' Her controversial debut novel 'Wetlands' was a bestseller in Germany and for some time occupied the number 1 spot on the international bestseller list of the online retailer Amazon .

An actress

Chartlotte Rampling (*1946)
Tessa Charlotte Rampling, primarily known as Charlotte Rampling, is a British actress who has participated in numerous international film productions since the mid-1960s. She became famous for films such as 'The Night Porter', 'Zardoz' and 'The Verdict'.

A multi-talented sportswoman

Charlotte Dod (1871 - 1960)
She is the youngest Wimbledon winner, won a British amateur golf championship, played on the British field hockey team, and won a silver medal in archery at the 1908 Olympics.

A wrestler

Charlotte Flair (*1986)
Charlotte Flair is the ring name of Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr. She is an American wrestler who is under contract with WWE and regularly appears in their show SmackDown. She is also the record holder for the most title wins.

A princess

Charlotte of Wales (*2015)
The daughter, and therefore princess, of Prince William and Princess Catherine (n饠"Kate" Middleton) goes by the name of "Charlotte". She is also the great-granddaughter of the former Queen Elizabeth II.

A makuup artist

Charlotte Tilbury (*1973)
The British makeup artist founded her makeup and skincare brand 'Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd.' in 2013 and is the company's chairman, president and chief creative officer. Furthermore, she also works as a beauty editor for British Vogue and has a YouTube channel.

Go on a journey to places 
with your name

When you hear the name Charlotte, you might first think of a woman or a girl. But did you know that there are also places with the name Charlotte? Are you also called Charlotte? Maybe one day you will visit the places that are named just like you...

A major city...

in the U.S. state of North Carolina is called Charlotte. It is the largest city in North Carolina and the seventeenth largest in the USA.

Port Charlotte...

is the name of a small region in Charlotte County, Florida.

A small town

In the state of Virginia, USA there is a small town called Charlottesville.

In Berlin...

you will find a district called Charlottenburg, where you can also visit the Charlottenburg Palace.

Charlotte County...

is the name of two counties in the U.S.: one in the state of Virginia and another one in Florida.

Charlotte -
the USA would not be the same without her

The name Charlotte is as much a part of the DNA of the USA as the Constitution, the Capitol and the Superbowl: Charlotte is one of the few girls names that have been given in the USA every year since the beginning of the name statistics, and thus since 1880. Of course, Charlotte hasn't been equally popular in all 142 years - but it's just recently become especially popular. In 2021 it was even ranked number 3 in our SmartGenius name statistics, making it one of the most popular girls names in the entire United States.

In years where the graph has no value, the name Charlotte was given less than five times or even none at all in the entire USA.

Charlotte - in 2021 on rank 3 in the SmartGenius name statistics

In 2021 the name Charlotte was given a total of 13,298 times in the USA, ranking #3 on the list of the most popular girls names. It was least common in 1982 - back then only 794 expectant parents gave their child the name Charlotte, ranking it #302 of all female names in our SmartGenius statistics, so there were 301 other girl names given more often in 1982.

Charlotte -
at home all over the USA, especially popular in Delaware

Wherever you go, wherever you live – there’s a good chance to meet Charlotte. Because: There are women and girls named Charlotte in every state in the USA. This may sound quite unspectacular at first, but in fact, of the more than 50,000 different female first names that occur in the USA, just 537 are recorded in each individual state, so the name Charlotte is definitely something very special. In some regions it even makes it into the top 100 of the most popular female first names, for example in Virginia, where Charlotte ranks on place 55. The greatest chance of meeting Charlotte, however, is in Delaware, where one in 240 girls and women bears this beautiful name – that is far above average – in the entire USA it is only one in 383 women and girls and in California, where the name is least represented in relation to the population, you even have to ask an average of 502 women and girls for their name before you once get Charlotte as an answer.

Charlotte has 9 letters 
and begins with a C

Well, you might say, you probably figured that out yourself! But what you might not know is: The letter C is a frequent initial letter for girls' names. This is because 6.0% of all common girls’ names in the US begin with this letter. The most common first letters of girls' names, by the way, are A, S and M.

With nine letters, the name Charlotte is relatively long compared to other names. In fact, 5.6% of all common first names in the US consist of exactly nine letters. 92% of all first names are shorter, while not even 2.5% of all boys’ and girls’ names use ten or more letters. On average, first names in the US (not counting hyphenated names) are 6.5 letters long with no significant differences between boys' and girls' names.

That means that with 6.0% of all girls' names that begin with a C, this first letter is much more common than the average of all letters. And which girls’ name beginning with C do you think is the most common in the US? The answer is... Carol.

Other names with 
C, h, a, r, l, o, t, t and e

If you take all the letters in the name Charlotte – C, h, a, r, l, o, t, t and e – and put them together again, you can form another name, such as Charolett.

With hands, flags and sounds 
How to say Charlotte

If your name is Charlotte and someone asks after your name, you can of course just tell them what it is. But sometimes that isn't so easy - what if it's too loud, and you don't understand them well? Or what if the other person is so far away that you can see them but not hear them? In these situations, you can communicate your name in so many other ways: you call spell it, sign it, or even use a flag to wave it...

This is how you spell the name Charlotte

So that everyone really understands you when you have to spell the name Charlotte, you can simply say:










This is how the name Charlotte is spelled in the NATO phonetic alphabet

The NATO alphabet often helps people spell words on the phone or radio when there are communication problems.

How do you write Charlotte in Braille?

Braille is made up of dots, which the blind and visually impaired can feel to read words.



You want to tell a deaf person that your name is Charlotte

Just use American Sign Language!

The name Charlotte is particularly colorful in the Semaphore flag signaling system!

These flags are used for maritime communication - each flag represents a letter.


Have you ever waved the name Charlotte

In the navy, sailors of two ships might wave flags to each other to send messages. A sailor holds two flags in specific positions to represent different letters.


Beeping like crazy...

In Morse code, letters and other characters are represented only by a series of short and long tones. For example, a short tone followed by a long tone stands for the letter A. Charlotte sounds like this: