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What is a Cool First Name?

You want your child to always be considered cool? You like casual names better than posh ones? Then you might have a look at our suggestions for cool first names!

How to Find a Cool Name

If you’d like to give your child a name that is chill rather than posh you have two options: Either you could choose a name with a cool meaning or you choose a name which is considered to be fresh – because of “cool role models”. For names with cool meanings you have to search for synonymous adjectives such as bold, relaxed or calm. Then you look for names that mean fresh or bold – just like we did.

Let’s begin with names with cool meanings. Coen is a cool name for boys as it means “thunder” or “bold advisor”. Keanu is a good choice for cool boys and girls as well: It literally means “cool breeze”. A really cool name for girls is Irie. It comes from Jamaica and means “cool, good, nice” or “peace, harmony”. Other proper names could be Gunner, the bold warrior, Fernanda or Fernando, the adventurous and bold journey, Sennet, meaning bold in victory, or Layla, which simply means “the night.”

Personalities with Cool Names

But you surely didn’t forget option number two: names that remember you of cool characters or celebrities. Okay, we admit, there are so many cool characters that it’s hard to pick the coolest of all. We have chosen a small selection, some of which have achieved legendary status with their coolness. Luke is a good choice for a cool boys’ name as you will think of Luke Skylwalker at once. Zelda or Lara are cool names for girls because they are two of two of the few daring heroines from videogames – who are really cool.

Michael doesn’t sound very cool at first glance, but there are at least two special characters that made the name sound legendary: Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, for example. To find a cool name, just keep thinking of actors or movie and book characters: Eddie Murphy, musician Prince, Johnny Depp, Tony Hawk, Daria from the eponymous MTV Series, Emma Watson or Matilda, the protagonist in Roald Dahl’s novel, could be food for your thoughts.