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What is the #1 Male Name?

What is the #1 male name of all time? Or do you want to know what is currently the most popular first name? Here is the answer to both questions - an article for trend and history lovers.

What is the Current #1 Male Name in the US?

Names come and go, some stay forever: which name is the current #1 male changes annually, but some names persist in the top 10. Currently, Noah, Liam, William and Mason are at the top of boys’ names in the US. They impress with a nice sound and pleasant length. Of all the boys born in the last ten years, 1.1 % are named Noah. That is really a lot.

Noah means ‘rest’ or ‘repose’ and has long been known in the US, but only since the 1990s has it enjoyed rapidly growing popularity. Mason, for example, means ‘bricklayer’ or ‘stoneworker’ and has become popular in the trend of making surnames into first names. A very different story than Noah has, but with similar results.

The most popular first names at the moment are:


What is the #1 Male Name of all Time?

All this so far is nice to know, but which name is the #1 male of all time? Which name is popular across generations and resists all trends. The answer is James. This name is a perennial favorite, currently at #6 on the list of most popular current first names, but the most beloved overall.

1.5% of all living U.S. Americans are named James, and the percentage is much higher among men. This figure makes it clear how popular the name is and will probably remain. John and Robert follow in 2nd and 3rd place.

Here are the most popular names of all time: