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Exotic Female Names

You don't want to give your daughter a plain English first name? You are looking for something more exciting and melodious that is not familiar to everyone? Then you are probably looking for an exotic female name. We have a list for you of girls' names from all over the world.

What are Exotic Female Names?

What makes a name appear exotic for us? Most often, these are names that originate in a language other than your own culture. They are still rare enough to attract attention. After all, many English first names derive from Irish, Latin or Hebrew. Keep in mind that the USA is a country of immigration, so we already know many names from other cultures. Thence, The Cambridge Dictonary defines “exotic” as “unusual and exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away.”

This means that US Americans perceive names as exotic that originate from Arabic, Persian, European, Russian, Indian, East Asian, or African. This includes so incredibly many languages and religions that it is nearly impossible not to find a beautiful exotic female first name for your daughter. For example, there are names like Aaliyah: It’s well known in the US, but it comes from Arabic and means “high” or ” lofty”. Thus, some people will still find it “exotic”. Other names, like Yuna, seem to be English in the first glance. In fact, however, it is a popular Japanese name.

Girls Names – a List with Exotic Female Names

Girls Names – a List with Exotic Female Names

There are so many wonderful cultures, languages and religions that provide melodic names with deep meaning. Maybe you even have a personal connection to the language or country where the “exotic” names come from? No matter which name you choose: We recommend you to make sure that it matches your surname. If you are interested in the meaning and not just the sound, you might want to look up the name before assining it. Here is our list with 30 exotic female names!