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First Names full of Royalty

For parents, their offspring are their greatest treasure. Thus, it is no wonder that many admire names whose meaning capture aspects of royalty. In this article, we therefore look at various first names that cover a royal spectrum and embody timeless elegance.

A majestic choice of names

Choosing a first name for a newborn is a meaningful decision, often based on tradition, culture and personal preference. Another fascinating aspect is the meaning of first names, especially when they are in connection with royal expressions. Names that mean King or Queen, Prince or Princess, for example, carry a timeless elegance and lend people a certain regal aura. Regarding this, among the male first names with a royal meaning, the name Rex stands out. With its Latin roots, the name simply means “king”.

It refers to royal power and authority, and parents who give their son this name are sending out a signal of strength and leadership. In contrast to that stands the feminine counterpart to Rex. It is the name Regina, which means “queen” in Latin. Regina has a timeless character and is often associated with royal dignity and grace. Parents who give their daughter this name may like the idea that they are watching a powerful and regal personality grow up.

Royal-inspired first names from different languages

The world of first names is rich in variety. Hence different cultures have produced unique names that are associable with royalty. An interesting example for that having a royal flair is Håkon. Originally Scandinavian, this name means “high-born” or “royal descendant”. It is a tribute to the royal roots and aristocratic heritage that is worn with pride.

Another example would be the name Malkia. Coming from Swahili culture, it can be translated as “queen”. This female first name combines grace with royal elegance, as does Tuala, which basically means “the princess of the people” and originates from Ireland.

First names that exude royal flair

The variety of royal-inspired first names is fascinating and shows how the theme of royalty is present in naming around the world. Parents have the opportunity to give their children not only beautiful and melodious names, but also a deep meaning of royal dignity and authority. Here are a few first names with a royal meaning to get you some inspiration: