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What Are the Top 10 Unique Girl Names?

When searching for a very special name parents often hit the wall: How do I know that the name is unique but still not too exotic? What a difficult question. For this reason, we would like to help you finding a name for your daughter that is unique, but still euphonious. Here are our top 10 unique girl names.

Unique Girl Names vs. Common Girl Names

Your daughter will be born soon and you don’t have a nice first name yet. What a messy situation: you wish to find a name that sounds nice, but is still unique. Every other girl gets names like Emma and Olivia, and it’s not easy to find unusual ones. Though, we don’t mean that these names would not be pretty. Of course, it always depends on what kind of first name parents prefer for their children.

Do you prefer short names for girls or long ones? You like names with a deep meaning? Or does this aspect don’t mind you at all? As a person with sense for aesthetics you pay special attention to the sound of a name? All of these criteria flow into the individual perception of a name.

Ten Unique Girl Names with a Melodious Sound

We have made an effort to pick out unique girl names for you below that are melodious. Some have Irish origins, others refer to the first names of famous people. Oona or Thelma are very rare in the USA at present whereas names like Priscilla are somewhat more frequent.

If you don’t like these names at all, you can also refer to our guides on short names for girls or rare girls’ names. All articles refer to our Smart Genius stats. You can count on the fact that they are not among the most common names. Here they are, our top 10 unique girls names: