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What is a Rare Girl's Name?

Looking for a girl's name that doesn't go with mainstream? Then you should check out our article on rare girl's names.

Why Choosing a Rare Name?

The problem with trendy names is not that they were not pretty but your child will just meet too many other kids with the same name. At home, your daughter usually is the only person who’s called like that – unless of course her parents named her after her mother or grandmother. Among her siblings, she is a singular person who defines herself by her name. But that might change quickly.

Your little girl may not feel as unique as she does at home if she suddenly meets three other girls with the same name at school or in the playground. If you call your daughter for example Emma, Sophia, Olivia, Emily or Ava, she may feel but one of many. Do you want to avoid that? Let us suggest you several girl’s names that are certainly rare, but still beautiful!

Rare Girl's Names