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Short Names for Boys

Short names are not a bit boring. They sound strong and are just as unique as long names. With a short name, you're right on trend and make life easy for your child - because everyone understands them and they're great to remember.

Why and how choose a short name?

They are very easy to remember, elegant and trendy. They sound smart, creative and modern. The choice is huge, so there’s something for everyone. And if you break away from classics like Max, John, or Ryan, you can also find unique, rare names that are guaranteed to make your boy stand out.

Short names have 3 to 5 letters and are usually only one syllable long. Many short names were originally nicknames of older, longer names. Having a nickname as a name is cool in itself – no effort required. Your boy will never have to rely on being accepted in a group until he has a nickname, because he already has one. And this way you prevent other kids from choosing an unattractive nickname for your child.

It should not be forgotten that a name must work for a child as well as for an adult. A first name should be chosen carefully and with foresight. Names that have 6 or more letters but sound short because they consist of only one syllable can help. Examples are Pierce, Bridge, Brooks, Briggs or even Graham. Depending on whether you prefer to go with the mainstream or go individualistic: just check out out our top 20 charts!