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The first name 

Madison is a first name typically given to girls, but in rare cases also used as a boys name.

The name Madison is very popular!

The first name Madison is one of the top 100 most popular girls names in the US – currently at #14 in our SmartGenius ranking. Over 1,000 babies each year are named Madison, accounting for approximately 0.50 % of all newborn girls. In total, there are currently 407,145 people – children, adults and seniors – named Madison living in the United States, which is approximately 0.12 % of the entire population.

You won't believe all there is 
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What does the name 
Madison mean?

Madison is a name that comes from the Scandinavian-Germanic area. Madison means something like ‘son of Maud’. Maud is the Germanic form of Mathilde, whose meaning can be translated as ‘strength in battle’ (‘maht’ – the Germanic term for ‘strength, power’

'hild', 'hiltja' for 'battle'). Did you know...

Madison has several talented namesakes

An aspiring singer

Madison Beer (*1999)
The American singer, songwriter and actress was discovered at the age of 13 when Justin Bieber shared a video of her on YouTube. Bieber enabled her to sign a record deal with Island Records. In 2013 she released her first single 'Melodies'. Her debut album 'Life Support' was released in February 2021.

An actress

Madison Davenport (*1996)
She is an American actress and singer who began acting at the age of eight. She has appeared in a variety of films and television series, including 'Noah' (2014), 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' (2014 - 2016) and 'Sharp Objects' (2018). She has also appeared in several plays and musicals and has released several singles and an album.

A tennis player

Madison Keys (*1995)
Madison Keys is an American tennis player. She started playing tennis at the age of six and has quickly emerged as one of the most promising talents in the US. She made her debut in 2009 and has, since then, established herself as one of the top tennis players in the world. Among other things, she participated in the 2016 Olympics and won the silver medal in women's doubles.

A dancer

Maddie Ziegler (*2002)
Madison Nicole Ziegler, primarily known as Maddie Ziegler, is an American dancer, actress and model. She started dancing at the age of two. She has competed in many competitions and championships throughout her career and has won many awards and accolades. She became known for her appearances on the show 'Dance Moms'.

Go on a journey to places 
with your name

When you hear the name Madison, you might first think of a woman or a girl. But did you know that there are also places with the name Madison? Are you also called Madison? Maybe one day you will visit the places that are named just like you...

In Antarctica,...

more precisely in the Ross Dependency, you will find a plateau called Madison Terrace and a mountain called Mount Madison. Both got their name from LtCdr. Douglas W. Madison.

Madison Avenue...

is a street in Manhattan in New York City. It runs as a one-way street from Madison Square in the south to Harlem River Drive, in the north, where it becomes the Madison Avenue Bridge.

Madison, Wisconsin...

is the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin and the administrative seat of Dane County in southern Wisconsin.

A mountain range...

in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in the United States bears the name Madison Range.

A arena

Madison Square Garden, also known as 'The Garden' and abbreviated 'MSG', is a multi-purpose arena in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

Madison -
well known in all states of the USA, most popular in Nevada

There are only 537 different women’s names registered in every single state in the U.S., and Madison is one of them. However, Madison is not equally widespread in all states, but people in Nevada seem to particularly fancy this name – the 2,928 women called Madison who live here are 0,655% of all female residents and push their name up to #19, easily placing it in the top 100 most common female names in Nevada.

Madison has 7 letters 
and begins with an M

Well, you might say, you probably figured that out yourself! But what you might not know is: The letter M is a quite popular first letter for girls' names. That’s because 8.5% of all common girls’ names in the US begin with this letter. Only the first letters A and S are more common for girls' names.

With seven letters, the name Madison has a typical length for first names in the US. In fact, 26% of all common first names consist of exactly seven letters. 52% of all first names are shorter, while 22% have eight letters or more. On average, first names in the US (not counting hyphenated names) are 6.5 letters long. There are no significant differences between boys' and girls' names.

Therefore: As 8.5% of all girls' names start with an M, this initial letter occurs nearly 2.5-times as often as all 26 letters on average – and the most common one of all the girls’ names starting with M is Mary.

Other names with 
M, a, d, i, s, o and n

If you take all the letters in the name Madison – M, a, d, i, s, o and n – and put them together again, you can form other names, such as Madsion or Maidson.

With hands, flags and sounds 
How to say Madison

If your name is Madison and someone asks after your name, you can of course just tell them what it is. But sometimes that isn't so easy - what if it's too loud, and you don't understand them well? Or what if the other person is so far away that you can see them but not hear them? In these situations, you can communicate your name in so many other ways: you call spell it, sign it, or even use a flag to wave it...

This is how you spell the name Madison

So that everyone really understands you when you have to spell the name Madison, you can simply say:








This is how the name Madison is spelled in the NATO phonetic alphabet

The NATO alphabet often helps people spell words on the phone or radio when there are communication problems.

How do you write Madison in Braille?

Braille is made up of dots, which the blind and visually impaired can feel to read words.



You want to tell a deaf person that your name is Madison

Just use American Sign Language!

The name Madison is particularly colorful in the Semaphore flag signaling system!

These flags are used for maritime communication - each flag represents a letter.


Have you ever waved the name Madison

In the navy, sailors of two ships might wave flags to each other to send messages. A sailor holds two flags in specific positions to represent different letters.


Beeping like crazy...

In Morse code, letters and other characters are represented only by a series of short and long tones. For example, a short tone followed by a long tone stands for the letter A. Madison sounds like this: