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Unisex names with X

A unisex name is special because it can signify both a boys’ name and a girls’ name.

If all the letters of the alpahbet (that is 26) were equally found in given names, their frequency would be about 3.8%. However, of all common unisex names in the U.S., only about 0.3% begin with the letter X.... Also, only 0.3% of traditional girls' names, such as Ximena or Xena, begin with the letter X, compared to 0.4% of boys' names, most famously Xander or Xavier. Consequently, the initial letter X is slightly more common in boys' names than in girls' and unisex names, and is also one of the rarest initial letters for given names in general.

Since the initial letter X is so rare for first names, there are also very few unisex names with X. Of the limited selection of unisex names with X, the current most popular in this country is Xian. Other unisex first names with X are Xylo and Xan.


We classify names as unisex that are not just officially suitable for both boys and girls, but which have actually been used many times in the English-speaking world for both boys and girls in recent years. Some of the unisex names may have more female or male connotations for individuals, but this is often subjective and goes back to the fact that in your own circle of acquaintances, you might have a boy or man, or a girl or a woman, who has this name.

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Only a few kids in the U.S. are called Xan
An unusual first name
Seldom given in the U.S.
Only a few kids in the U.S. are called Xing
An really unusual first name
An extremely rare name for kids
Only a few kids in the U.S. are called Xzavia

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