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Exotic Female Names

You don't want to give your daughter a plain English first name? You are looking for something more exciting and melodious that is not familiar to everyone? Then you are probably looking for an exotic female name. We have a list for you of girls' names from all over the world.

What are Exotic Female Names?

What makes a name appear exotic for us? Most often, these are names that originate in a language other than your own culture. They are still rare enough to attract attention. After all, many English first names derive from Irish, Latin or Hebrew. Keep in mind that the USA is a country of immigration, so we already know many names from other cultures. Thence, The Cambridge Dictonary defines “exotic” as “unusual and exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away.”

This means that US Americans perceive names as exotic that originate from Arabic, Persian, European, Russian, Indian, East Asian, or African. This includes so incredibly many languages and religions that it is nearly impossible not to find a beautiful exotic female first name for your daughter. For example, there are names like Aaliyah: It’s well known in the US, but it comes from Arabic and means “high” or ” lofty”. Thus, some people will still find it “exotic”. Other names, like Yuna, seem to be English in the first glance. In fact, however, it is a popular Japanese name.

Girls Names – a List with Exotic Female Names

Girls Names – a List with Exotic Female Names

There are so many wonderful cultures, languages and religions that provide melodic names with deep meaning. Maybe you even have a personal connection to the language or country where the “exotic” names come from? No matter which name you choose: We recommend you to make sure that it matches your surname. If you are interested in the meaning and not just the sound, you might want to look up the name before assining it. Here is our list with 30 exotic female names!

What Are the Top 10 Unique Girl Names?

When searching for a very special name parents often hit the wall: How do I know that the name is unique but still not too exotic? What a difficult question. For this reason, we would like to help you finding a name for your daughter that is unique, but still euphonious. Here are our top 10 unique girl names.

Unique Girl Names vs. Common Girl Names

Your daughter will be born soon and you don’t have a nice first name yet. What a messy situation: you wish to find a name that sounds nice, but is still unique. Every other girl gets names like Emma and Olivia, and it’s not easy to find unusual ones. Though, we don’t mean that these names would not be pretty. Of course, it always depends on what kind of first name parents prefer for their children.

Do you prefer short names for girls or long ones? You like names with a deep meaning? Or does this aspect don’t mind you at all? As a person with sense for aesthetics you pay special attention to the sound of a name? All of these criteria flow into the individual perception of a name.

Ten Unique Girl Names with a Melodious Sound

We have made an effort to pick out unique girl names for you below that are melodious. Some have Irish origins, others refer to the first names of famous people. Oona or Thelma are very rare in the USA at present whereas names like Priscilla are somewhat more frequent.

If you don’t like these names at all, you can also refer to our guides on short names for girls or rare girls’ names. All articles refer to our Smart Genius stats. You can count on the fact that they are not among the most common names. Here they are, our top 10 unique girls names:

What are Typical USA Male Names?

Do you want to give your son a real, all-American name? One that wears stars and stripes proudly in front of it? Then you've come to the right place. Check out the list of truly American names.

The Classic American Names

The origin and meaning of names links closely to the culture of the people. Names arise from nouns and adjectives, they refer to the landscape, cities or properties. In the case of the USA, this is as follows: the culture is primarily influenced by England, as the official language also reveals. But in truth, many cultures influence a country that stretches from Hawaii to New York and from Alaska to the border with Mexico. Moreover, the USA is independent for centuries, breaking away from England and developing its own culture. So what is a typical American name?

Of course, classic American names are perennial favorites like John, James, Robert, Michael, William, David, Matthew, George, Christopher, Thomas, and Charles. They have been popular for many generations and numerous famous Americans are name sponsors here. So if you are of the traditional variety, this selection of traditional names is made for you. If that is not your cup of tea, skip the list below and continue reading below. The freedom and inventiveness are also typically American. Turning surnames like Jackson into first names or coming up with completely new names and spellings is extremely popular and completely in the spirit of America.

Modern American Names

Check out the list below for current trendy names that are only available in the US. They do not always have to be of American origin. Evander, for example, is from Greek mythology, but it is actually only found in America since the name was recorded. That, too, is typically USA.

What are Popular First Names?

Popular first names definitely divide minds: some love them, some find them boring and look for the exotic. Which first names are popular, is not so easy to answer, because the statistics change every year. But some names prove to be perennial favorites.

What names are popular right now?

We examined and summarized a wide variety of databases on first name statistics in the United States. The result is a compelling list of the most popular boys’ and girls’ names. At the moment, short and more traditional names are the most trendy. Noah and Emma top the lists, followed by Liam and Olivia. Of all girls born in the last 10 years, 1.2% were named Emma, and among boys, 1.1% were named Noah. That is really a lot.

It is striking that, historically, boys’ names are subject to less change than girls’ names. James, Michael, and William have been prominent for over 100 years and will probably remain so. Emma, for example, was very popular in the 19th century, rather rare in the 20th, and the name is experiencing a strong resurgence again in the 21st century. Olivia and Sophia were never really popular even until 1990, but rather rarities.

What are the meanings of the most popular names?

Why a name is in demand and has many name bearers can be due to many reasons, such as trends, famous people and the beautiful sound. One reason is certainly also the meaning, because with it you can give the children a message for life. Sophia, for example, is “the wise”, Emma is “the great”, Noah stands for “rest” or “repose” and Liam is a “vehement protector”.

Feel free to browse our lists and you will have a helpful tool to find the right name for your child. Choosing a name can be fun and does not have to be nerve-wracking. And if you’re someone who dislikes commonly popular names, this list is great for helping you rule them out.

100 Pretty Names for Girls

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – that is why it is hard to define the prettiest names for girls. Some parents like traditional names such as Charlotte or Elisabeth while other ones prefer short names like Eve or Ava. But what makes a name sound pretty? We just can try to explain why people consider a name as pretty and want to give you a list of 100 pretty names for girls.

What are Names for Girls with Pretty Meanings?

If you want to give your daughter a pretty name you could fully bet on the meaning of the name rather than on the sound! Bella for example, is a short name for Isabella and it is the Italian word for “the Beauty”. Venus is the Roman goddess for love and beauty, while Jamila comes from the Arabic word jamāl, meaning beauty. Bonnie, however, derives from the Scots language word “bonnie” which means pretty or attractive. Linda, actually, is the Spanish Word for “pretty.”

There are so many names that don’t mean exactly “pretty” but they have another lovely meaning like terms for flowers, colors, animals or anything in the world people consider as beautiful: Violet, Rose, Fleur, Lily, Scarlett, Estelle, Bianca, Luna, Stella, Grace or Amber are examples for pretty names with a pleasant core meaning.

What Makes a Name Sound Pretty?

Maybe it’s easier to find a pretty name by excluding the ones which aren’t perceived as pretty at all. We tried to define a rule on characterisics that make a name sound unattractive. We believe that most of the negative connotations are blinded by prejudice such as the name Karen. In most cases, oldfashioned names don’t go down very well with youn parents such as Ruth or Agnes. On the other hand there are some letters or letter combinations that sound harsh at the beginning of a word and thus not pretty – examples for those initial letter (combinations) are KL, CL, T, P, PL, R, KR. If a name has more than two syllables and contains the combination ST somewhere in its middle it might also sound harsh and unpleasant, like in Christina or Astrid.

The auditory sensation of a name also correlates with the relation between vowel and consonants. PI, KI, TY, or PA sound more likely than PO, RU or PE. Words with less and “simple” syllables sound prettier than words with more, harsh and “complicated” ones (that means consonant clusters such as CHR). Moreover, many people classify names ending in a vowel as cute. But for all that, you must not forget the saying from our intro: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think a name is pretty while others don’t, just go with your gut.

A 100 Pretty Names for Girls

We finish with a list of 100 pretty names for girls, perhaps it will inspire you in your choice – and remember: it’s just our idea of “pretty”.


What is the #1 Male Name?

What is the #1 male name of all time? Or do you want to know what is currently the most popular first name? Here is the answer to both questions - an article for trend and history lovers.

What is the Current #1 Male Name in the US?

Names come and go, some stay forever: which name is the current #1 male changes annually, but some names persist in the top 10. Currently, Noah, Liam, William and Mason are at the top of boys’ names in the US. They impress with a nice sound and pleasant length. Of all the boys born in the last ten years, 1.1 % are named Noah. That is really a lot.

Noah means “rest” or “repose” and has long been known in the US, but only since the 1990s has it enjoyed rapidly growing popularity. Mason, for example, means “bricklayer” or “stoneworker” and has become popular in the trend of making surnames into first names. A very different story than Noah has, but with similar results.

The most popular first names at the moment are:


What is the #1 Male Name of all Time?

All this so far is nice to know, but which name is the #1 male of all time? Which name is popular across generations and resists all trends. The answer is James. This name is a perennial favorite, currently at #6 on the list of most popular current first names, but the most beloved overall.

1.5% of all living U.S. Americans are named James, and the percentage is much higher among men. This figure makes it clear how popular the name is and will probably remain. John and Robert follow in 2nd and 3rd place.

Here are the most popular names of all time:

Classy Names for Boys

With names like Xander, Brooks and Ryder you can only raise your eyebrow critically? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything about the advantages of classy names and a nice selection. They are elegant, rich in tradition and provide the basis for cool nicknames. If you are looking for a classy boy's name we might have the right one for you.

What Is a Classy Name?

Classy names are old and traditional, but have never gone out of fashion. They have been in continuous use for decades, some for centuries, and enjoy high popularity. Charles, William, and Edward are fine examples of classy names that resonate with a certain elegance and make an impression when heard. In addition, these names have the advantage of compelling meanings, such as “free man”, “resolute protection”, and “wealth”, respectively, in these cases.

Classy names have a long history, often older than the USA. So they provide the perfect opportunity to refer to family history. For example, if you have Scottish ancestors, you might choose the name Alasdair, the Scottish form of Alexander. The name stands for “defender of mankind.” Or even if you’re a fan of a country like Ireland, the right name for your son is a great way to give him something of you for life. Elegant, traditional names are by no means dusty, but are full of surprises and convince with a beautiful sound.

Why Choose a Classy Name?

The best advantage is that a deliberately chosen, elegant name will please your son at any age. It is appropriate for boys, teenagers and adults. Unconventional new creations do not have this advantage, often they seem ridiculous for grown-up people. This offers tremendous advantages in later professional life and, of course, when your son meets friends − or the love of his life. Because a classy name makes for a perfect first impression.

What is the #1 Female Name?

You would like to know which is the current #1 female? Or are you more interested in which name is the most common ever? We will have the whole nine yards for you and answer both of the questions – both in case that you affect frequent names or you would rather shun them.

What is the Current #1 Female Name in the U.S.?

It’s not rocket science: Some names are more popular than others. Many parents choose the name just for this reason, while others prefer to renounce it. It’s always a matter of zeitgeist if a name is trendy or if it’s totally out of fashion. But there are also names that prevail for a long time, as they seem to be so timeless.

In current years parents seem to have a partiality for the name Emma. Currently, it is #1 female name in the USA, as over 20,000 babies receive the name Emma each year. In the last ten years, 1.2 % of all the girls are named Emma. While these trends typically last for ten years, the top five spots shift from time to time.

What is the #1 Female Name of all Time?

Considering the top five positions, it is quite possible that the names Olivia, Sophia, Isabella or Ava become the #1 female names anytime soon. If you look even further down the rankings, you might find Natalie, Zoey, or Hannah among the female up-and-comers. Now it depends on whether you are more fan of the popular or rare names. If you look at the SmartGenius statistics of the last hundred years, you come to a completely different conclusion.

The statistics take into account all living people – from babies to teenagers, from people in their mid-forties to elderly women. With this in mind, Mary seems to be the #1 female name since 1880. Currently there are 3,757,625 people living in the US named Mary. That makes 1.1 % of the entire population. The second and first common names are Elizabeth (1,561,998 people) and Patricia (1,571,825 people).

Badass names for boys

Robin Hood, Butch Cassidy or Han Solo − everyone loves a rebel. The main thing is not to break rules, but to live confidently and according to one's own values. This is a nice thought to pass on to your children. A cool, strong name is a must − in short: a badass name.

Being badass means much more than being masculine and strong. Badasses are unique and have a strong will, which they can also assert. They stand up for a cause or someone with all their heart – this can also happen out of compassion. Badasses can also be emotional and need to be creative. Because in order to bend the rules, you have to come up with a lot and be several steps ahead of others. Cunning and strength combined make the most admirable people.

Choosing the right name is crucial to making an impression and giving your son a message for life: find your own way and stick to it. And in the best case, you can also be a role model and help other people find their way. Like Robin Hood or Han Solo. So Badasses are anything but selfish − just sometimes egocentric, which is not easy to distinguish at first glance.

In many cultures, there are names that have a strong meaning, often resonating with hope for a better future or a comfortable life to live. Therefore, badass names are universally understandable and imposing. Sometimes they are also enigmatic and mystical. Many of these names have traditional origins, based on names that are several hundred or even several thousand years old. They refer to powerful animals or are associated with war − in past cultures, strength in battle was essential for one’s own life of peace, freedom and tranquility. Feel free to check out our list of the best badass names and you’re sure to find the right choice for your boy!

What is a Cool First Name?

You want your child to always be considered cool? You like casual names better than posh ones? Then you might have a look at our suggestions for cool first names!

How to Find a Cool Name

If you’d like to give your child a name that is chill rather than posh you have two options: Either you could choose a name with a cool meaning or you choose a name which is considered to be fresh – because of “cool role models”. For names with cool meanings you have to search for synonymous adjectives such as bold, relaxed or calm. Then you look for names that mean fresh or bold – just like we did.

Let’s begin with names with cool meanings. Coen is a cool name for boys as it means “thunder” or “bold advisor”. Keanu is a good choice for cool boys and girls as well: It literally means “cool breeze”. A really cool name for girls is Irie. It comes from Jamaica and means “cool, good, nice” or “peace, harmony”. Other proper names could be Gunner, the bold warrior, Fernanda or Fernando, the adventurous and bold journey, Sennet, meaning bold in victory, or Layla, which simply means “the night.”

Personalities with Cool Names

But you surely didn’t forget option number two: names that remember you of cool characters or celebrities. Okay, we admit, there are so many cool characters that it’s hard to pick the coolest of all. We have chosen a small selection, some of which have achieved legendary status with their coolness. Luke is a good choice for a cool boys’ name as you will think of Luke Skylwalker at once. Zelda or Lara are cool names for girls because they are two of two of the few daring heroines from videogames – who are really cool.

Michael doesn’t sound very cool at first glance, but there are at least two special characters that made the name sound legendary: Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, for example. To find a cool name, just keep thinking of actors or movie and book characters: Eddie Murphy, musician Prince, Johnny Depp, Tony Hawk, Daria from the eponymous MTV Series, Emma Watson or Matilda, the protagonist in Roald Dahl’s novel, could be food for your thoughts.